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hey there,

Thanks for making your way here to learn more about us.

MUMMA.DIGITAL was created to inspire, empower and equip business mummas to transform their business to support and flow with their family, and their life. Not the other way around.

We do this through incredible free content:

as well as our paid programs, masterminds, and events.

  • Our signature 12 month Business Wellness coaching program, that takes the chaos of business and life and instills order, energy, purpose and profit.
  • A Marketing Mastermind that meet in small groups once a fortnight, to dive into the nitty gritty of each others businesses, and get personalised digital marketing help from a pro.
  • A bi-annual Business Wellness Refocus Retreat that allows mummas to get away, gain clarity and create a master plan to move forward on.
  • An annual Conference, commencing in 2020. With an incredible line up of panelists and speakers, flowers galore, delicious food, pamper and beauty stations, professional photo and headshot opportunities, amazing goodie bags from our sponsors – and cocktails to top it all off. Oh yeh!

Because you want to
design your business and your life,
and you totally can. 

No mountain is too high mumma!

You can live the life you’re dreaming of.

You can be an awesome mumma and spouse and pursue your ambitions.

You can be healthy, and wealthy and positively impact the world.

You can, and you should. 

The best part? A rising tide lifts all boats. So let’s do it together. 

a little about me,
& our beginning

Hi! I’m Annelise, and I’m so glad you’re here!

Let me introduce myself. I’m a wife, and a mumma to three little monkeys (6 and under). 

I’m also a business, marketing and wellness coach dedicated to helping women just like you, to create a business that supports the life you want, for the family you love.

More than anything else I stand for empowerment, inclusivity and wellbeing. 

My career has incorporated qualifications and experience in marketing, vocational education, and fitness – all fuelled by a knack for systems, and seriously unshakeable optimism. Some would say, to a fault.

My ultimate passion is to use these gifts to equip women to thrive. This has looked a little different over the years, and now manifests itself through


Over the past 3 years, I’ve built and run a successful digital marketing agency from my home office, we’ve moved to the surf coast and my chippy husband has quit his job to build our dream home. 

Being a business owner who works part-time around her kids means I come into contact with a lot of other mums. Many of whom have, or dream of having their own business. 

The more women I spoke to, the more I saw a need for a more open conversation about the truth of ‘mumpreneur-ship’, and absolutely necessity of wellbeing. Holistic wellbeing that included the vocational and financial elements as well.. 

Women I spoke with were tearing their hair out trying to figure out the online marketing space, yet couldn’t afford agency rates. In the stress of business and family,  too many women were neglecting themselves trying to keep both their families and their businesses healthy and growing. 

I saw the need for a place of real talk, practical advice, holistic support, and serious accountability.

So I set out  to create a platform where mums could learn and implement the systems I’d utilised to make my own dream a reality, as well as link in with and learn from other women in similar circumstances, with similar goals.

I know what its like to lack energy and clarity and focus. I know what it’s like to feel stuck, and hopeless and like it’s never going to happen for you. I know what its like to want more.

The strategies and systems I’ve implemented, have got me to where I am now; healthy and strong, with a successful business, a husband at home, in our dream location and living with incredible focus and purpose. Even so, I’m still growing and living and learning along with you every single day.

My ultimate hope is that you feel empowered, and that you find something here that helps inspire and equip you to take it to the next level in your business and in your life. Because you just need to take back control of the wheel, and you totally can.

If you’ve made it this far, then thank you!  If you’d like to dedicate some room in your inbox to hear more about what we’re doing, with news and tips we don’t share anywhere else, I’d be honoured. Just subscribe below. 

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You’ll also get a free gift from us…

The 7 Step Guide to Transforming Your Business To Flow WIth Your Family and Your Life, Not the Other Way Around. 

The guide will walk you through the tried and tested strategies for designing the business and life you dream of. I’d truly love to hear your feedback and the ways you put it into practise. Reply to any of our emails and I promise I’ll personally respond. 

If social’s more you’re thing, say Hi! on Insta or join or our Free Facebook group here.

Thank you so much for taking the time. I’m so happy you’re here and cannot wait to connect.

’til next time! 

much much love,
Annelise xo


Annelise has some great advice and ideas that we were able to put into action. We were very happy with the response that we received.
Sarah P
Flat Pack Builders Australia
The Mumma Digital Marketing Mastermind has been invaluable. I’ve learnt so much, and loved being a part of the group. I loved being able to listen to everyone else’s questions that were further along in their business journey than me and gain insight about where I might be up to in a few months. I’ve come so far in just a month and made so many great connections. Annelise is lovely, and approachable. I highly recommend the mumma digital Marketing mastermind.
Annelise is a #BOSS @Marketing
The Marketing Mastermind is the BEST thing I've ever done for my business. Getting to bounce ideas off other women who are walking the walk is beyond helpful! This plus having access to practical one on one marketing advice is a total game changer.
Ally B
I’ve been working with Annelise for a couple of months now and she has been so paramount in me successfully launching this online course. I have struggled with Facebook ads - I’m not an expert even though I am a marketer. I was really looking for a partner to help get it to a place where I could consistently drive webinar traffic and she’s done exactly that. Her ad rates are fantastic. I actually work with a professional online course team and they say that they’re some of the highest they’ve ever seen. She is so communicative. She is so forward thinking. She’s a person who thinks about not only what needs to be happening now but what you could do in the future and she will recommend that. I feel like I have a partner in all of my marketing and I just couldn’t be happier with her involvement in setting up all of my funnels. I felt lost before and now I don’t know what I did without her. I cannot recommend her enough.
Kait LeDonne
The Influence Academy
Oh my goodness this lady is A-MAY-ZING... seriously changed my business mumma world for the better. So many easy, practical, USEFUL strategies to help streamline what I do. Definitely recommend!
Three Wishes Photography